Ask the Expert: Home Improvement

By Dave Larson, Attention to Detail Painting, Inc.

Q:  We have a small bathroom that we’d like to paint a dark color, but friends have warned us that dark colors applied in small rooms will make the room look smaller. Is this true?

A: Great question, which is one people ask frequently. You’ll be happy to know that you can press on with your intent to paint that dark color. Your question actually pertains more to the relative difference in color values or intensities, when comparing the value of color on the walls, versus that which is on your ceiling (as well as the color of the flooring, but our visual perspective is more often focused upward, not downward). The simple solution is to apply a darker color to your ceiling and your room won’t feel any smaller than it actually is. If possible, try to choose a color that is monochromatic with the wall color, perhaps 2 to 3 values lighter. Feel free to give us a buzz or shoot us an email should this response not adequately address your concerns.

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