Pros and Cons of Pet Sitting / Boarding

• Dogs can socialize with other dogs, and most dogs love socializing. “It’s not just a kennel where dogs are just waiting around to be picked up. They are having their own vacation! Trying to corral them to go home can be hard sometimes,” says Jacky Kummer, office manager at Rover’s Playhouse.
• A professional, controlled environment with skilled handlers who are familiar with administering medication and catering to special needs.
• Nobody going in and out of your home, if this is something that might bother you.

• Animal must adjust to new environment and other animals, which can be stressful for some pets.
• Owner must drop their pet off and pick them up.
• Stereotypes associated with some kennels/boarding situations – environment may be smaller or more enclosed, for instance. This is why it’s important to have a look around and ask questions. Decide for yourself.
• Cost can be a factor.

Pet sitters/Home care
• Pet’s environment doesn’t change, which can be less stressful for them.
• No socializing with other animals can be a plus if this is something that is stressful for your animal.
• Added benefit of having someone checking in on your home while you’re away.
• Don’t have to pick up your dog at a certain time. “You come home, there’s your dog to greet you,” Stordahl says.
• More possibility for individualized attention, Stordahl says. “With the dogs we can work on leash manners on our walk and socialization, taking the dog out and about in different areas.”
• If you’re comfortable with it, you could have a friend or family member watch or check in on your animals.

• No socializing with other animals – most dogs do well in a pack environment and enjoy the chance to socialize.
• Some people may not like the idea of someone coming to their house while they are gone.
• A friend or family member may be less familiar with dog behavior and how to handle it, or less skilled if the dog requires medication or has special needs.

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