Money-Saving Vacation Tips

When it comes to a family vacation and managing a budget, planning is essential. Family vacations play an important role in keeping families close. Here are some ways not to break your wallet and make sure your time together is stress-free.

Make Reservations: Making reservations ahead of time can save on dollars and stress. Be savvy about using technology; sometimes the Internet can have fantastic offers. Look for coupons. Planning the time of year you travel can also help save.

Bring Your Own Beverages: Bring your own beverages and food. You can save money by bringing refillable bottles whether you are going to Disney World or just to the lake for the weekend. It is a great way to be environmentally friendly and avoid spending money on beverages when you would rather invest your money towards activities for the family. Pack a cooler and stop by a grocery store along the way to keep meal costs down.

Make a List: And yes, check it twice. There is nothing quite as stressful as getting to the hotel and realizing you forgot your swimsuit at home, or the toiletry bag is still sitting on the bathroom counter. It can be costly and frustrating to replace these items at your destination, so having them written down and checked off will keep you on track.

Talk it Over: Include everyone in the initial discussion and planning. Make sure that all voices and preferences are heard. What is each person hoping to do on this vacation? Settle on an overall budget and try to include an activity that each family member would like, while discussing where that will fit into the general budget. Budgeting for a family vacation is a great opportunity for children to learn what things cost and the choices that need to be made.

Relax: Sit by the campfire, swim in the hotel pool, or have a family picnic at a rest stop. These are the things you and your family will remember ten years from now. You can’t put a dollar amount on time spent together. So sit back and just relax.

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