What’s Your Halloween Style?

It’s time to pick out some pumpkins and brush up on your apple-bobbing skills! There are plenty of exciting ways to enjoy Halloween with your family. Do you love starting new seasonal traditions or prefer celebrating the old-fashioned way? Take the quiz below to find out your Halloween style.

1. Your spouse comes home from the local farmer’s market with a pumpkin. You promptly:

A. Gather your kids to watch you carve it. They can help by sketching a design and scooping out the seeds.
B. Turn the kids loose on it with a sticker decorating kit.
C. Search online for this year’s hot decorating ideas—bring on the paint and glitter!

2. Your personal favorite Halloween candy to munch is:
A. Candy corn, of course!
B. Mini Snickers, M & M’s, or some other chocolate-based favorite.
C. Homemade candy apples.

3. However, trick-or-treaters visiting your house can expect to receive:
A. That orange and black-wrapped taffy that has been around forever.
B. Small bags of pretzels, popcorn, or fruit snacks, or perhaps even a non-food treat.
C. Candy bars covered with homemade “Happy Halloween!” wrappers.

4. Come October 31st, your house will be decked out with:
A. Cotton spider webs adorned with black plastic spiders.
B. A giant inflatable Halloween decoration in the front yard.
C. Fall art projects created by family members.

5. You love seeing trick-or-treaters dressed like:
A. Witches, cats, pirates, and pumpkins.
B. Doc McStuffins, Twilight Sparkle, and Daniel Tiger.
C. Anything they want, as long as the costume is homemade!

6. Your family’s favorite thing to watch around Halloween is:
A. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
B. Halloween specials that feature your kids’ current favorite characters.
C. Home videos of Halloweens past.

7. After your kids come home with a bag full of trick-or-treat loot, you:
A. Tell them to go for it. It’s only once a year!
B. Let them eat a few pieces each day for the next week or so.
C. Use the leftovers to create exciting new cupcake and cookie recipes.

8. When the class Halloween party rolls around, you’re most likely to be seen:
A. Watching the costume parade.
B. Recording the costume parade to share with far away family members.
C. Volunteering at the party.

How Did You Do?

Mostly A’s: Classic
When it comes to holidays, your slogan is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Halloween means costumes, candy, and jack-o’-lanterns, period. You love celebrating with your family using the same time-honored traditions you enjoyed as a child.

Mostly B’s: Modern
You love to incorporate the best of old and new traditions, and aren’t afraid to change up your family’s celebration from year to year. When you need new ideas for food or fun, you look to pop culture, Pinterest, or your Facebook friends.

Mostly C’s: Crafty
You’ve got this Halloween thing under control. You’re naturally organized and love to “do it yourself.” At this point, you’ve probably already got half a dozen adult and kid-friendly costume ideas pinned, and may have even started sewing!

Michelle Shirk is an attorney and freelance writer. She writes about family, travel, and seasonal events for parenting publications throughout the United States.

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